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Becoming Vitruvian | Dr. Tom Preston Dr. Tom Preston
Dr. Tom Preston
Dr. Tom Preston
Head Coach at Full Circle Coaching and Consulting

About the instructor

Dr. Tom Preston has been a chiropractic coach and consultant for over 20 years, after many of his colleagues asked how he was able to afford a great lifestyle only working a few hours a week and taking 10-12 weeks vacation.

The next 20 years was spent helping thousands of docs and visionaries craft authentic success for themselves by defining the vision, crafting the focus, supporting the systems and the team. 

This course started as a basis to double your income with an extra day off per week. It has grown with the support of 4 additional coaches adding their years of wisdom.

We have hundreds and hundreds of success stories of those who have defined success and ultimately attained it. With an average of 347% ROI in our coaching program, you will be getting a condensed version of our best resources and trainings, at a fraction of the cost.

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