This Program Has Helped Hundreds of Chiropractors Tap Into Their Own Excellence

Watch Coach Tom Explain Why This Program Is Perfect For You

This program is for you if

  • You feel like you are stuck in a rut and don’t know how to get out
  • You work long and hard but don’t feel fairly compensated economically
  • You crave better work life balance 
  • You wonder what info you are missing or what is wrong with you as you know some people that are crushing it in practice right now
  • Not afraid to do the work you are just not sure of what to do first
  • Like to work at your own pace in the comfort of your own home/office 
  • Want concise info communicated clearly via both print and video formats
  • Not afraid to invest some money to grow but don’t want to break the bank
  • You like that 10% of sales goes to support a worthy cause (chiropractic research).

What Is It?

  • This program is 12 module “soup to nuts” virtual program done in the comfort of your own home/office (Watch the short 5 minute video to learn more details)
  • Designed to support your growth whether Day one or Year 51 in practice
  • We begin with why you want to grow/expand/change and walk you through how to clearly cement that into your consciousness guaranteeing you will finish the program and not waste your money 
  • We assist you in laying out all the goals and financial steps necessary to grow to the next level whether billing $5K/month or $100K/month 
  • We support you in releasing the mental blocks, limiting beliefs and fears that haunt you and hold you back
  • We share the most important systems needed to support that growth
  • We teach you how to recruit and inspire a proper team to support your growth