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Master your Vision, Focus, Systems & Team | Dr. Tom Preston Dr. Tom Preston
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Dr. Tom Preston
Dr. Tom Preston
Head Coach at Full Circle Coaching and Consulting

About the Instructor

Dr. Tom Preston has been a chiropractic coach and consultant for over 20 years, after many of his colleagues asked how he was able to afford a great lifestyle only working a few hours a week and taking 10-12 weeks vacation.

The next 20 years was spent helping thousands of docs and visionaries craft authentic success for themselves by defining the vision, crafting the focus, supporting the systems and the team. 

This course started as a basis to double your income with an extra day off per week. It has grown with the support of 4 additional coaches adding their years of wisdom.

We have hundreds and hundreds of success stories of those who have defined success and ultimately attained it. With an average of 347% ROI in our coaching program, you will be getting a condensed version of our best resources and trainings, at a fraction of the cost.

"SOLUTION: You Can't Get What You Want If You Don't Know What You Want."


You can't KNOW what you want if you don't know WHO you are!

I'll bet you feel like you're capable of SO much more - personally and professionally, if you only knew what to do between waking up and going to bed to create these results.

So many of us spinning our wheels by sacrificing our time with our family so we can work on our practice... but all we end up creating is guilt that we're not present at home while the results aren't coming in either.

You feel stuck, your confidence dwindles, and you feel lost.

What you need is a plan that works.

That you're inspired by.

That gets you where YOU want to go.

We call this a Success Roadmap, and it allows you to:

  • Get up in the morning inspired - if you give to yourself in the morning, you have a full love tank to give to your patients, family, and friends throughout the day. 
  • Know how to maximize your schedule  - when to schedule patients, when to schedule new patient exams and ROFs, when to work, and when you get to go home feeling amazing.
  • Attract higher quality patients - our clients grow their practice (often without marketing) because of the "client attraction pieces" you'll put in place. Although the marketing and promotion you will do will be authentic and natural because it will fit into your core values and personal style - making it more effective as well.
  • Increased retention - patient retention is an important element on the Roadmap, which can act as an uphill climb or an open highway - depending on your practice. A client of ours skyrocketed her patient retention, just by reframing her "scarcity mindset" when it came to the ROFs.
  • Make decisions quicker - knowing your core values allows you to filter out more of what you don't want and make room for more of what you do.
  • So much more....


The Success Roadmap is simply that - a plan that gets you from where you are to where you want to be.

Examples like this one have not been uncommon, 

"Tom is helping me reconnect to my purpose and personal power by releasing the incongruencies in my life and focusing on my vision and goals.

In the nine months that we have been working together my practice has tripled in size and I am getting back on my feet financially.”

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Course Contents

18 Videos
20 Texts
13 PDFs

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